HIIT Bodyweight exercise


The HIIT Bodyweight Exercise List: 43 Highly Effective HIIT Exercises

This HIIT Bodyweight exercise list gets you gym quality results with a HIIT workout you can do anywhere.

There are hundreds of bodyweight exercises, but the not all of them are going to give you a good HIIT workout.

These are the exercises that work…

battle rope tababa


Battle Rope Tabata : Strong, Lean and fit (4 min workout)

Battle rope Tabata workouts will push you to your limit.

But if you are looking for an excellent metabolic workout after your strength training or a fat burning full body Tabata workout, you can’t do better than using a battling rope.

In this workout I’m going to give you four battle ropes exercises with high metabolic cost, show you how to incorporate them into a Tabata workout and give you a Tabata MP3 to do this workout in the gym.

Tabata kettlebell swings


Tabata kettlebell swings: How to perform this 4 minute workout

These Tabata kettlebell swings will improve your fitness, fat loss, balance and strength.

Not only that, but you can use this Tabata mp3 to improve the intensity of your workout.

Add this HIIT workout to your fitness routine, and see the benefits for yourself.


HIIT Ab Workout: Shape Up Your Six Pack (Bodyweight Workout)

You may be looking for an HIIT ab workout that will target your core, as well give you and interval training workout that will burn fat.

You will need exercises that target the abdominal muscles from different angles and metabolic exercises that are intense enough to put your body into the anaerobic zones and ramp up your fitness.

In this guide I’m going to go through a workout that does all of this, including an MP3 that will guide you through the exercises and help you get the intense core workout you are looking for.