HIIT upper body workout (no equipment)

Is it possible to get a good Upper body HIIT workout using just bodyweight exercises? There is a temptation to rehash a resistance training workout into HIIT workout. It’s not always a bad idea. Normal strength exercises can get you into an anaerobic training zone pretty quickly. Upper body HIIT workouts can, unfortunately, start landing … Read more

HIIT Ab Workout: Shape Up Your Six Pack (Bodyweight Workout)

You may be looking for an HIIT ab workout that will target your core, as well give you and interval training workout that will burn fat.

You will need exercises that target the abdominal muscles from different angles and metabolic exercises that are intense enough to put your body into the anaerobic zones and ramp up your fitness.

In this guide I’m going to go through a workout that does all of this, including an MP3 that will guide you through the exercises and help you get the intense core workout you are looking for.