Battle Rope Tabata Workout and MP3 : Strong, Lean and fit (4 min Routine)

The Tabata Protocol

Battle Rope Tabata will test your fitness! Tabata training is a type of interval training with a 2:1 ratio of work to rest. It was a study headed up by Professor Izumi Tabata The traditional Tabata is 20 seconds of hard work and 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. Tabata is intense. During the Tabata protocol study, athletes worked at 170% of their V02max during the training.

Tabata training only works with intensity. You can find out more about Tabata workouts by clicking here.

Battle rope training

Battle rope training can be adapted to HIIT and Tabata workouts easily. The ropes are heavy and the movements provide you with excellent anaerobic potential. They engage an enormous amount of muscle in your body and they are excellent for fat loss, body conditioning, and ramping up your fitness. They are an exceptional upper body, low-impact workout.

The goal of this training is to send powerful waves down the ropes. Doing Tabata battle ropes involves sending larger and faster waves while you work out.

Battle Ropes are exceptional at burning belly fat. The weight of the ropes and the full-body motion allows for an anaerobic workout that will produce more calorie burn than other activities like running. Using this in a HIIT workout will allow for an Afterburn effect, which will burn fat for many hours after the workout.

Battle Rope Tabata MP3

The Battle Rope Tabata Workout

The Tabata workout is pretty simple. You are going to do 8 sets of the following.

  • 20 seconds of high intensity rope work,
  • 10 seconds of rest.

So your total exercise time is 4 minutes. (excluding warm-ups and warm downs)

So what exercises should you do?

You can pick any of the battle rope exercises below and do only that one exercise, but my suggestion is to do all four of the exercises, and do two sets of each.

So run through the four exercises, then repeat those four again, and that will be the workout.

With each of the sets, you need to go as hard as you possibly can. Hold nothing back. You want to empty the tank completely.

Consider this, the exercise is only four minutes long. That really is not long at all. Four minutes of a cardio workout would basically do nothing. The whole point of HIIT training, and Tabata is to go past your best, go past normal aerobic training, to push your heart rate up to its max. Only then do you tap into the changes that Tabata training can make.

One thing that is noticed in the research is that as soon as the intensity drops off, even just a little, the benefit of the results reduces considerably, to where often research comes back with no improvement.

The only reason for doing this is that you will go through hell for four minutes and then it will be over.

This workout is really a waste if you aren’t prepared to go this intensely.

Battle Rope Exercises

Alternating wave

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Hold both ends of the rope, with your palms facing each other.

Keep your hips bent and set yourself in an athletic position. Your core needs to be engaged.

Raise and lower the ropes, alternating between your left and right hands. Do this as fast as you can as to create waves down the ropes.

Double wave

Holding the battling rope in both your hands, palms facing each other, bend at your knees, and maintain a tight core.

Raise and lower the rope up as fast as you can, bringing them up to shoulder level and down to hip level.

Both arms should be synchronized and send the waves down the rope.

Repeat this motion and send as many waves down as you can in the set.

Power Slam

Start off in a squat position holding the battling ropes with your palms facing inward.

With power, bring the rope overhead and slam them into the ground as you can.

Add a jump into this motion for more burn

Battle rope jacks

Just like a jumping jack, except with a heavy rope!

Start with the rope in your hands, your hands at your sides.

Push off the ground into a small jump, jumping your legs apart.

As soon as you do this, raise your hands above your head.

Jump again, bringing your feet together, while you move your arms back to your waist.

repeat this for the whole set


So that is the Tabata battle rope workout. The next step is for you to grab the mp3 and hit the gym.

Let me know how you found the workout and if there are more battle rope exercises, you would want to include. Leave a comment below about what you think.

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