Strip Away Fat With This HIIT Elliptical Workout

Ramp up your fat loss with this HIIT Workout for elliptical machines

This HIIT elliptical workout will burn more fat than any other elliptical training routine. Its also a great routine for someone just starting with Interval Training.

Here’s how:

As you know, HIIT creates better fat loss through explosive, fast paced workouts.

Think of these workouts as having a huge drain on your body. The bigger the drain, the more energy is needed to replace this. And your body gets this energy from fat stores.

This HIIT elliptical workout is designed to create these explosive workouts.

You will use the resistance on the elliptical machine to create a very tough 30 second sprint.

Lets be honest here..

Elliptical machines can be boring, and not usually something you would associate with HIIT. If I picture an elliptical workout, I picture someone reading a magazine while gently plodding away.

The downside of HIIT on the elliptical machine….well, its tough! You will have to work hard. If you are able to read a magazine, you aren’t doing this right.

Normal elliptical workouts will not give your these results.

They just don’t have the same metabolic effect of HIIT workouts.

This HIIT elliptical workout will take 20 minutes, but if you do it right, your body will be burning fat for the next 24 hours.


Below this is a description of exactly what you need to do in this workout. Below that is an IntervalMP3 of the workout. You are going to use this MP3 to guide you through your workout.

Get yourself onto your elliptical machine, plug in your earphones and get yourself ready.

On a very easy resistance setting, warm up your body at an easy pace. After you have spent about four minutes warming up you will be ready to start your HIIT workout.

Press play and listen to the music. You will hear your first set approaching. When the personal trainer tells you to sprint, turn up the resistance on the elliptical machine and give it all you’ve got.

Really push yourself hard.

After thirty seconds, the trainer will tell you to rest. That is your first HIIT elliptical sprint out of the way.

You then get 90 seconds to rest….and then the trainer will ask you to sprint again.

You will do this eight times.

I guarantee this will feel like a much more effective workout than other elliptical workouts you have tried.

HIIT Elliptical Workout 1
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This strategy on the elliptical clearly works and you will soon see its effects on your body.

You can use this MP3 right now to start your path to fitness.

I could go on and on about how great this HIIT elliptical workout is compared with standard ones, but it would be infinitely better for you to try this for yourself and see the result with your own eyes.

Try this workout for a month and see what happens.

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