HIIT For Beginners Workout

Here’s Where Most People Go Wrong.

They head off to the closest sports field, fondly remember the days of their high school athletic prowess. Then without too much prep, sprint as hard as they can…….

Then end up back at home, nursing their injuries with ice….

Here is what you should do instead.

Use HIIT workouts with progressive difficulty to get fitter.

Start off easy, and gradually build according to your level, using progressions.

Does This Work?

It works incredibly.

Before I started this site, I ran an Interval training site called the Lose belly fat workout. It was an HIIT workout for beginners.

(I’ll include the nuts and bolts of the workout below.)

Over 60 000 people took part in the HIIT workout. On average, most people lost around 20 pounds and got fit.

I had three people who lost over 100 pounds each, just using these HIIT progressions.

Unfortunately, I don’t have their emails anymore, but I found these comments on one of the YouTube videos.

Ok, so how do you get started on Hiit workouts for beginners.

Well, before you do, lets go over a few things, like how fast do you have to go….

How fast is fast? Ok, let’s discuss intensity.

In a HIIT workout we normally measure Intensity on a scale from 1 to 10.

  • 1 is walking,
  • 5 is a light jog
  • 10 is running as if a lion was chasing you for dinner.

A lot of the exercises, especially the HIIT routines on this website ask for the athlete to give it everything (10) on the sprints.

If you are doing HIIT as a beginner, going from sitting on a sofa for ten years to all of sudden belting it like you made the 100 meter Olympic final may not be the best thing for your body.

Hold yourself back a little; perhaps aim at getting to an 7.5 for your first few excursions.

This will let your body ease into the pace of an interval sprint.

Also, “All out” or 10 on the scale is a relative term.

To Usain Bolt all out means going faster than any human being has in the history of time… to us it may mean walking as fast as we can until we lose our breath.

It just means going as intensely as we can….like this ?



So be kind to your body and learn to distinguish what it feels like between pushing it hard and pushing it over its limit.

Remember that in HIIT, especially in the beginning, slow is fast… Its no use sitting on the couch waiting for an injury to heal.

“15 Minutes Is Easy…”

Now let’s chat about sets, particularly HIIT sets.

When doing HIIT for beginners, 15 minutes can feel longer than a year.

When I first started HIIT I ignored all the above advice and went at it harder than a hammer.

After I did my second sprint my legs and chest were on fire, apart from that I felt dizzy and was gulping for air, there was just no way I was ever going to complete the whole workout… but I tried…

By the time I got to 8 sprints it was more like a slow crawl.

Old grannies with walkers were asking me to scoot over.

It was a pointless exercise.

HIIT is all about intensity…. not endurance.

If you haven’t got the juice yet to make a full HIIT workout, do what you can do now with intensity, then hit the showers….even if that’s just two sets

When you come through the next week try adding two more sets. You will gradually build up to the whole workout.

For Maximum Benefits Make Sure You Are Using Major Muscle Groups

There are a range of activities that you can do with HIIT. When choosing an activity try to pick one that safely uses the largest muscle groups in your body. (ie legs and back)

High Intensity Interval Training will try and tap the energy sources found inside the muscle.

The larger the muscle group being exercised, the more these energy sources are tapped…. the more the benefit.

The absolute best for HIIT is sprinting.

If however you have injuries or other problems which prevent you from sprinting by all means pick something else which you can manage safely.

You can try this on a treadmill, but ultimately running on a track or field will give you better results.

The second best would probably be a stationery spinning bike.

Here are a selection of exercise you can choose from.

You can even select more than one for a routine:

HIIT For Beginners: The Workout

If you are starting off with an HIIT interval training for beginners routine, the best workout is the “Lose Your Belly Fat Fast” Interval workout.

It builds from a beginner’s HIIT workout with 6 sets and lots of rest to the Standard HIIT routine with 15 sets and a lot less rest in a period of 8 weeks.

This program will get into interval shape in no time and make some incredible changes to your body while you get there.

Originally the HIIT workout started out pretty tough, and just got tougher, so I’ve scaled it down a little. It’s still tough, but it’s a lot easier to get into now.


OK, here is what the table means:

The sprint represents how long you sprint for. This is consistent over the whole program. You will always exercise hard for 30 seconds.

Next is the rest period. So week 1 will have a rest period of 90 seconds where you can catch your breath.

Then comes the number of sets. This just represents the number of times you repeat the cycle. So for week 1, you repeat it four times, your routine will look like this.

  • Sprint (30 secs)
  • Rest (90 secs)
  • Sprint (30 secs)
  • Rest (90 secs)
  • Sprint (30 secs)
  • Rest (90 secs)
  • Sprint (30 secs)
  • Rest (90 secs)

Lastly – How To Manage The Weeks In The HIIT For Beginners Workout

This Is Important!

You should not progress according to the weeks!

You progress according to how you feel and how you are coping!

So if you do week 1, and you are barely coping…. Stay on week 1!

Only progress when you feel like you can.

There is no race! Got it?

Be nice to your ever improving, constantly toning body ?

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