HIIT Jump Rope: Blast your Body Fat (Power and Speed routines)

HIIT jump rope workouts are the perfect exercise… right?

HIIT Jump Rope

It’s phenomenal.., stripping off weight, calorie burning and building your anaerobic system, Upper body and lower body workout, and increasing muscle coordination and balance throughout the entire body.. You can do it at home and the equipment is cheap. It’s one of the best body weight exercises there is.

But before we get to the workout, we are going to go through how you get there. If you are already excellent at skipping rope exercise, skip to the end. But if you would like to fast track your cardio skipping skill, get started with the drills below.

There’s just one problem.

Most of us can’t do a High intensity interval training workout for jump rope….never mind our fitness level, we don’t have the jump speed to get to the interval training intensity that is required.

Any decent HIIT workout will be at 240 revolutions per minute….so four jumps a second.

Let’s say an average person wants to try this.

He heads down to the nearest sports shop, buys himself a rope….and starts jumping.

After ten minutes of pure frustration, with the rope catching everywhere and not he’s not even out of breath….

He is however extremely frustrated, so he chucks his jumping rope in the bin and gives up….

But this is not us….

In this article I will show you exactly how to learn the basic steps and give you drills for improving at light speed.

These drills will build a base, getting you ready for receiving *all the benefits* of an HIIT jump rope workout.

And we’ll show you how to add more and more steps as you go….

Lets get started…

HIIT Jump Rope Workout for Beginners


This is the first step you will do, and it’s the easiest one to learn.

Simply, you will jump rope with both feet off the ground.

You only need to clear enough height so that the rope can swing underneath. Keep your feet together and pointing forward.

Do not do a double jump…ie jump once to clear the rope then another time while the jumping rope is in swing. Make sure your jump is light and you are staying on the balls of your feet.

When you can do a few in a row, you are ready for the first drill;

HIIT Jump Rope Workout for Beginners: Basic Jump

5 sets 30 secs 30 secs

The goal of this drill is to enable teach you the basics of the step.

You have completed it when you can jump for a 30 seconds in a row, without catching the rope or having to stop.

At the end of each set, stop jumping, put the rope behind your knees in the start position, and get set to start again.

The aim is to jump for half a minute with excellent form and making no mistakes.

Do this drill until you can do 30 seconds regularly without having to stop

Don’t worry if you catch the rope or mess up, it will happen a lot.

Just reset yourself and start again.

You can do this workout every day for about five minutes.

Here’s what will happen.

Your muscles will learn how to co-ordinate themselves. They will start getting stronger at following the activity. Your balance will start improving and quickly your skill will start improving.

Once you can do this, its time to learn your next step:


5 sets 30 secs 30 secs

This second step is like you are running on the spot.

You will use one leg to jump over the rope, then the other… and alternate in this motion. Make sure you don’t kick back your feet because the rope will get caught on them.

Now, you need to do the same escalating drill with the alternate footstep.

Once you can do 30 seconds of rope jumping of both the basic bounce step and the Alternating foot step, you are ready to move onto the second drill.

HIIT Rope Jumping for Beginners: Capability Drill

5 sets 30 secs 30 secs

The goal of this drill is to entrench the two skills you have just learnt and give you the ability to use both at the same time.

You have completed this drill when you can jump for five minutes without stopping, alternating between each step.

Try four of the basic bounce step moving to eight of the alternating foot steps, going back and forth

Use the mp3 or the app to help you get your timings right, with 30 seconds jumping and 30 seconds resting for five sets.

Comment on the beginner jump rope workouts: Although these workouts will test your fitness if you are a beginner, your primary aim here is to build up skill, so concentrate on your form throughout.

Once you have mastered these drills, you can move onto the HIIT Jump rope routines below

Speed Routine

10 sets 30 secs 30 secs
Start at about 5 sets. If you are doing this after your weight training for a metabolic workout, limit it to 5 sets.

Up to now you have been jumping at about 140 revolutions per minute.

This is perfect for learning skills, but you will not get into the HIIT anaerobic zone at these speeds.

You can continue to use the workout with 30 seconds of sprints and 30 seconds of rest, but your rope jumping sprints will focus on speed. 

Only use alternating foot step for this.

Count the number of times your right foot hits the ground. After the set multiply this by two to get your revolutions per 30 seconds. 120 would be 240 revolutions per minute (this is your mastery number 🙂 )

If you are struggling to hit the step per minute, don’t feel despondent. Remember it’s about how hard you are working rather than your overall speed.

Look at your heart rate. If you are between 80 and 90 percent of your maximum heart rate after a set, you are doing HIIT. As your fitness and skills improve, so will your steps per minute.

Maximum Heart Rate = 80-90 percent
bpm – beats per minute

Adjustments to this HIIT jump rope routine: Over time you will recover faster, meaning you can drop your rest time to 15 seconds, you will also get fitter and stronger and be able to spend more time jumping, so you can extend the sprint to 60 seconds.

Power Routine:

10 sets 30 secs 30 secs
Start at about 5 sets. If you are doing this after your weight training for a metabolic workout, limit it to 5 sets.

This HIIT Jump rope routine will be done at 120 steps per minute. To amp up the resistance on these consider a weighted jump rope.

Like the other routines, start with 30 seconds of rope jumping and 30 seconds of rest.

The key to this workout is that you will do double unders instead of the normal basic step. The rope will pass underneath your feet twice for each jump.

We’ve included a set of moves for you below. Once you get proficient at the basic double under, you can start adding these in. 

Just remember if you are doing these exercises for weight loss or fat loss, you need to pay attention to your diet to get the results you are looking for.

HIIT Jump Rope Exercise List

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